A. Background

Situations might arise during a golf season, where certain golfers might be unable to golf for the full year. For this reason a half-year membership will be provided.

B. Objective

Give the Lynbrook membership, Board of Directors, Pro Shop, Club House and Secretary-Treasurer the direction needed on how to apply the half-year membership.

C . Scope

This policy applies to Lynbrook Golf and Country Club membership as approved by the Board.
For purposes of this policy, half-year memberships will be for the period from July 15 to the end of the season. Half-Year Memberships are not available for Junior golfers; they must pay the full annual rate.

D. Policy

Persons who wish to purchase half-year membership will be subject to the following conditions.

1. Half-year memberships will be charged at 65% of the regular yearly membership fees.
2. If new member, the applicable water fee is waived until such time a yearly membership is acquired.
3. Saskatchewan Golfing Association Fees will be part of the fee.
4. Cart storage fees will be charged at the regular full season rate.
5. Golf storage fees will be charged at one-half the regular storage fee rates, as space is available.

E. Contacts

Pro Shop Manager
Chair, Membership Committee
Chair, Finance Committee