Twilight golf is defined as golf at or near the end of the day which will allow a golfer to complete as many holes as possible before dusk. It is designed to encourage green fee players to use this time at the end of the day. Setting of Twilight Golf times will be at the discretion and understanding of the Pro-Shop employees as directed by the Pro-Shop Manager. Start and end times will vary depending upon the amount of daylight available to play.. Twilight Golf times will be placed in appropriate locations to inform golfers of the times.

Rates for Twilight Golf are set at a lower price which is determined by Board decision. Rates can include, but are not restricted to green fees and cart fees.

Due to the fact that League golf is given specific times which will restrict other golf, Twilight golf fees will not apply to these leagues.

It is also to be assumed that when League golfing is occurring during this time, the Pro-Shop, at its discretion, will allow Twilight golfers on the course as long as they do not interrupt regular League play.