A. Background

The Lynbrook Golf and Country Club is a non-profit organization that is managed by an elected Board of Directors.

Members of the Lynbrook Board and its employees frequently change from year-to-year; therefore, a written policy is necessary to provide easily accessible information to operate efficiently and consistently. All policies should be reviewed after the elections of the new Board and prior to the next golf season and, if needed, updated.

B. Objective

Give the Lynbrook membership, Board of Directors, Pro Shop, Club House, and Secretary-Treasurer the direction needed on how to apply the hole-in-one insurance.

C. Scope

This policy applies to the Lynbrook Golf and Country Club membership that have paid the annual hole-in-one insurance premium for the current golf season.

D. Policy

Eligible Lynbrook members who score a hole-in-one will receive a $100 credit to spend in the Lynbrook Lounge under this eligibility criteria:
The member must play a minimum of nine holes of golf.
At the end of the round, the member’s score card must be dated and signed by the member, and also attested by another golfer with the group.
After eligibility is checked at the Pro Shop, the Lynbrook Lounge will be notified immediately of the $100 credit to the member.
With the hole-in-one winner as host, the $100 credit is provided for as long as the member is in the Lounge.
Before leaving the Lynbrook Club House, the member scoring the hole-in-one must sign off the bar account. After the member has signed off the account and left the Club House, the bar account will be closed.

G. Contacts:

Pro Shop Manager
Club House Manager
Chair, Finance Committee