A. Background

The Lynbrook Golf and Country Club is a non-profit organization that is managed by an elected Board of Directors. Members of the Lynbrook Board and its employees frequently change from year-to-year; therefore, a written policy is necessary to provide easily accessible information to operate efficiently and consistently. All policies are to be reviewed yearly and, if needed, updated prior to the new golf season.

B. Objective

Financial planning for the future is vital to improve and develop the Lynbrook Golf Club. The Water Infrastructure Member Fee is one source to support long-term funding needs.

C. Philosophy

A one-time fee for new adult members only will assist in the long-term funding needs to replace and develop the Lynbrook’s irrigation system and the annual water fee, which is currently $12,000 to the City for water from Snowdy Springs. The new member infrastructure fee is for future costs that the Lynbrook Club will incur in the years to come for water infrastructure.

Current members are exempt, as most members have already contributed by paying the one-time $25 water fee that was recently removed by a previous Lynbrook Board. Also, current members have faced continuous rate increases and have supported the Lynbrook Club for many years. They helped pay off the Club House mortgage and stayed with the Lynbrook when the greens were burned in 2003.

C. Scope

This policy applies to all new adult Lynbrook members, and will be administered by the Lynbrook’s Pro Shop staff, secretary-treasurer, and the membership and finance committees.

D. Policy

A one-time $50.00 Water Infrastructure Member Fee will be charged to all new adult memberships. Members from 2009 to 2012 who did not golf for medical reasons and who return in 2013 will be exempt from this fee. In the case of “extraordinary circumstances” a member can ask for an exemption by sending a written request to the Board for a decision.

G. Contacts

Pro Shop Manager, Secretary Treasurer, Chairs of the Membership and Finance Committees