Thank you for selecting the Lynbrook Golf and Country Club Course for your company or group tournament. Our goal is to make your golfing experience at the Lynbrook Golf Course as pleasurable as possible, and to ensure the continued efficient operation of the course.

1. A 25% deposit for all outside tournaments is required two (2) weeks prior to the tournament date. Deposits that have not been received on time may result in the cancellation of the tournament.

2. All tournament participants MUST abide by regulations pertaining to food and alcohol consumption on the golf course. NO SPONSORED FOOD OR OUTSIDE ALCOHOL WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE GOLF COURSE. All food & alcohol consumed at the Lynbrook Golf & Country Club is to be provided by the Club unless agreed to by the Board in writing. It is agreed that the tournament coordinator shall take full esponsibility if this policy is abused. Violations could result in privileges being revoked.

3. Refunds will be provided as long as one week in advance notice has been provided.Cancellations made past this time may result in a non-refundable situation. No refunds will be provided within 72 hours of the tournament.

4. All tournament green fees will billed under one master invoice and paid at the Pro-shop by the Tournament Coordinator on the Tournament day.

5. A credit card is required for each cart rental. Only two (2) players and their equipment are allowed on each cart, and they are to be driven in a safe and courteous manner.We will attempt to hold individuals responsible for damage to power carts. However, if nsuccessful, the Tournament Coordinator will be held responsible.

6. Any tournament participant who causes damage to the property of the Lynbrook Golf and Country Club will be required to pay for all damages, as well as for any costs related to that damage.

7. Golfers must wear proper attire at all times. Shirts with collars and sleeves are preferred. Only soft-spiked golf shoes or flat athletic shoes are permitted.

8. Rain or Weather Conditions: The Tournament will be played as booked, rain or shine, unless the Pro-shop Manager, or his designate, deems the course to be unplayable, or if safety is a factor. At that time, the Pro-shop Manager, or his/her designate, and the Tournament Coordinator will agree on a rain-check procedure.

9. The Customer ensures that the Lynbrook Golf and Country Club and its employees shall not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss or damage to personal property suffered by the tournament party.

10. Shot-gun events may be allowed depending on the number of participants, and at the approval of the Board.

11. The Lynbrook Golf and Country Club will make every effort to ensure the success of your Tournament. The above terms and conditions are not final nor limited The customer will be notified in advance of any changes that might affect the booking policy or Tournament details.

12. It is the responsibility of the Tournament Coordinator to inform all participants of the above policy.